This page is under cunstruction.

Welcome to my place on the web. As stated on the front page, this page is under development. But I hope that what content I have put on the page so far, will give you an idea of who I am.

Right now the main posibility at this page is to download my CV(hent CV), but it is my aim that the page in the future will contain informations on the projects that I am working with. This means that this page in teh future will contain information on:

web programing I have had a keen interest in web programming and development over several years. This has mainly been on a free-time basis. I work mainly with PHP programing but also JavaScript, mySQL og AJAX programing

Student politics As you can see from my CV I have been engaged in student politics - primarily international student politics - for several years. This will ofcourse also be a part of this page.

Studie My main occupation is for the time beeing to finish my final theises at Roskilde University. The subject is educational economy. This will of course also be a part of this page.

Work During the different job occupations I have had, I have made small programs and webpages that have been helpful in completing some specific task. Now I have this page to collect these smal programs on.

...and then all the other stuf Of course this page also vil contain information on my life in generel and my life with my girlfriend and baby daugther.

I hope that you will return to this page at a later time, when the page i more developed.

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